Problem for #NeverTrump crowd: He's actually more popular than Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney (AFP)

Mitt Romney has been seeking to mobilize Republicans voters to stop Donald Trump, including speaking out against The Donald and announcing his own vote for Ted Cruz. (But that still wasn't an endorsement — the goal was to bring about a contested convention.)

But there's a problem, as revealed deep within the new survey from Democratic-aligned firm Public Policy Polling: Romney is even more unpopular than Trump.

Among voters at large, Trump has a personal favorability rating of only 29 percent, against 63 percent unfavorable — a truly ghastly situation for the party's most likely nominee.

But for Romney, the previous GOP nominee, it's even worse: 23 percent favorable, and 65 percent unfavorable.

And among GOP voters — the people that Romney has sought to persuade through his stature — it gets even worse. His favorable rating among self-identified Republicans is only 28 percent, against 63 percent unfavorable.

And as for Trump? Among Republicans, he is at 53 percent favorable, an outright majority, against 38 percent unfavorable.

And in general election match-ups, Hillary Clinton is ahead with 48 percent to Trump at 41 percent. But PPP also tested Romney as a hypothetical GOP nominee — and he did even worse, with Clinton at 45 percent to Romney at only 32 percent.