Rabbi demands Ted Cruz stop speaking for Jews: 'Leave me and my people' out of your campaign
Senator Ted Cruz at CPAC (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Writing in The Forward, a Colorado rabbi demanded 2016 GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz stop invoking "Judeo-Christian values" during his campaign appearances, saying "Leave me, Judaism and my people out of your rhetoric."

Denver rabbi Salomon Gruenwald accused the evangelical presidential candidate, whose campaign rallies often take on the appearance of a tent revival, of misappropriating the term to exploit the Jews for his own political ambitions.

"The Constitution entitles you to your opinions and religious beliefs and even affords you the right to express those convictions in your pursuit of public office," Gruenwald wrote. "But as a Jew and a rabbi, I am writing to ask you to please leave me, Judaism and my people out of your rhetoric. Don’t use 'Judeo-Christian' to try to appropriate my religion and my people’s history to advance your agenda."

"The term “Judeo-Christian” was originally coined in the 1930s by liberal Christians and Jews who sought to encourage ecumenical relations between those two faiths for the purpose of fighting the growing racism, xenophobia and nativism of that time," he continued before noting that "since the 1970s the call for a return to so-called 'Judeo-Christian values' has been used by the Christian right as code language to their base for a particular brand of conservative policies that are anything but inclusive."

The rabbi went onto point out that Cruz has received endorsements from End Times pastors who believe Jesus will return to "Rapture" Christians to heaven, leaving the Jews and non-believers behind to fight in a millennial-long war.

"[Cruz endorser Pastor Mike Bickle]  among other meshugas (that’s Jewish for “crazy-talk”), teaches that Hitler was a “hunter” sent by God to drive the Jewish people to resettle Israel, thereby hastening the battle of Armageddon," Gruenwald admonished. "But instead of distancing yourself from Bickle, you’ve embraced his endorsement. If this is what support for Israel means to you, you can keep your support, along with your “Judeo-Christian” theology."

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