Radio host who called black teens 'jungle animals' will host Ted Cruz Super Tuesday party
Radio host Michael Berry (Screen capture)

Ted Cruz's favorite right-wing radio buddy, Michael Berry, has proudly claimed his role as the host for the Texas Senator's soiree on Election Night, according to Media Matters.

Berry is a former Houston city councilman and spouse to the former Secretary of State of Texas, but he's most known for calling the African American pool party guests "jungle animals" when the party was crashed by barrel-rolling cops.

If that isn't bad enough, last fall, he explained how whites feel about African Americans, “The fact is, most white people — not all white people – most white people would like to get as far from black people as they possibly could and never have to see another black person, and never have to deal with black people issues, never need to talk about black people,” Berry told a caller to his radio show. He also hopes that mosques in New York City get blown up and that black people don't think black lives matter.

But Berry isn't just serving as the emcee, the whole hootenanny will be hosted by Berry at his own bar, Houston's KPRC reportedBerry's bar and music venue is described as the "campaign headquarters" for the Cruz campaign on Super Tuesday evening.

If that isn't enough to shock you about Ted Cruz's BFF check out some of these social media posts from Berry: