Russell Brand rips 'Pixar-Hitler' Trump: He only hates wind farms because of his hair

Comedian Russell Brand had a hugely successful video blog "The Trew News" that went on hiatus six months ago, but Tuesday a new short video titled "Trump - Pixar-Hitler or aged-baby?" popped up with Brand doing some stand-up attacking GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

In the video Brand is seen reading things people have said about his opposition to Trump. "Russell Brand says Donald Trump's hair is the real reason he opposes wind farms," he said to audience laughter.

Brand told the audience about his ongoing spat and showed the video Trump recorded attacking Brand and rhetorically asking what Katy Perry was thinking.

"I like him cause he's like a big rich baby," Brand said with Trump on a screen behind him. "I just want to breastfeed him. Come here you silly c*nt, have a bit of t*t-milk."

Toward the end of "The Trew News," Brand began attacking Trump as his rhetoric about women became more toxic. In August, Brand paused his ongoing feud with Fox News, and defended Fox News debate moderator Megyn Kelly saying, "I find Donald Trump objectionable, and I am not menstruating."

Check out the video below for the full Brand of hilarity: