Sarah Palin to get her own Judge Judy-style courtroom TV show: report
Sarah Palin (Facebook)

Sarah Palin may have missed out becoming Vice President of the United States, and resigned as Governor of Alaska, but she could have another office in mind: TV judge.

Palin has reportedly made a deal with Montana-based production company Warm Springs to star in her own reality court show. "It's a production deal," a source told People. "What happens next is she'll meet with stations, make a pilot and sell it."

The magazine also reports that the production team "includes the TV executive who found Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown."

Palin does not actually have a law degree, of course. But it should be noted that these "courtroom" shows aren't really courtrooms at all — they are in fact a private forum of binding arbitration dressed up as a court for the TV studio, a format pioneered by The People's Court.

In this genre, though, almost all of the hosts such as Joseph Wapner, Judy Sheindlin, or Joe Brown have indeed been retired judges.