Stephen Colbert goes Trump groin truther: Voters deserve to know 'the size of your executive branch'
Stephen Colbert challenges Donald Trump to release his 'long-form' on March 7, 2016. (The Daily Beast)

Much like Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert couldn't believe the turn that Republican political discourse has taken recently. But that didn't stop him from issuing a challenge to Donald Trump.

"The issue is out there now, and people have a right to know the size of your executive branch" Colbert said on Monday's Late Show. "I'm calling on you to release the long-form -- or the short-form, no judgment."

Colbert was stunned that it was fair game to make jokes about a presidential candidate's penis, calling it a new low in political discourse.

"This man is talking about the size of his schvantz in a presidential debate," Colbert said of Trump. "This is someone who could have his finger on the button. And God, I hope it's his finger. We don't know if it could reach the button. The Russians could launch, and he could be trying to reach the button."

Watch Colbert voice his concerns, as posted by The Daily Beast, below.