Televangelist warns Bernie Sanders is like Hitler because college students like him
Jim Bakker (YouTube)

Even as half of Americans see "fascist undertones" in Donald Trump's presidential campaign -- televangelist Jim Bakker says we've got it all wrong.

Bernie Sanders is actually the next Adolph Hitler, according to the apocalypse-obsessed Christian pastor in remarks flagged by Right Wing Watch.

“One of the most popular politicians right now is a socialist -- And who is his biggest following?” Bakker said. “The young people of America, from the colleges. Maybe you understand a little bit what it felt like to live when Hitler was reigning and the church had to sit by and keep watching it and watching until millions, tens of millions — they had to build factories to kill people. All it takes is a couple bombs and all of America will be dead within a year, less than a year, just months.”

Sanders, who describes himself as a secular Jew, became the first Jewish candidate to win a U.S. presidential primary last month in New Hampshire.

“I can’t tolerate this much longer,” warned Bakker, who has resurfaced as a doomsday prepper about 30 years after he was disgraced by a sex and tax fraud scandal. “I can’t tolerate it.”

Watch his remarks posted online by RWW Blog: