Trump threatens to quit CNN town hall at last minute because his 'opponents' get too much airtime
Donald Trump (AFP)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday suggested that he might not attended that night's town hall event with Ted Cruz on CNN if the network continued to put so many of his "opponents" on the air.

"Wow, @CNN has nothing but my opponents on their shows," the candidate complained in a tweet just hours before the town hall was set to begin. "Really one-sided and unfair reporting. Maybe I shouldn't do their town-hall tonight!"

Trump's tweet came less than hour after one of his top surrogates, Katrina Pierson, appeared on the network to argue that her boss had never attacked Cruz's wife, Heidi.

“The fact of the matter is, there’s only been one wife attacked this cycle and that is Melania Trump,” she said. “Mr. Trump is defending his wife. There is no such thing as an attack on Heidi Cruz. I have yet to hear the attack on Heidi Cruz.”

"No one has maligned Heidi Cruz, no one has attacked Heidi Cruz,” Pierson added. “Melania Trump has been attacked. Where has that headline been on CNN? I bet CNN viewers didn’t even know Melania Trump had been attacked for months.”