WATCH: Enraged parents rip into school board and keep students home after 'Diversity Day' scheduled
Father speaking to Gateway School Board -- (WPXI screen grab)

A Pittsburgh school board held an emergency meeting Friday night to let parents vent over a "Diversity Day" that was scheduled following an off-campus fight between students, reports WPXI.

An unknown administrator at Gateway High School sent out an email and posted a notice on Facebook declaring Friday as "Diversity Day," and encouraging students to wear either their Gateway Ts or Black Lives Matter t-shirts.

Instead of bringing students together, parents complained that the school was increasing racial tensions with hundreds of students kept home by parents worried that more fights would break out.

"The email, the phone call, the post: Y’all made it worse,” one parent told the board members who sat silently listening to complaints.

The board had no answers for the parents as to how the event came to be scheduled which only inflamed the audience.

“Whoever gave you the idea that saying nothing up here was a good idea gave you really bad advice,” said another parent.

Immediately after the day was announced, rumors circulated that white students who wore black shirts to school would be targeted.

Said one mother, "My daughter doesn't want to go here anymore. She wants to go to cyber-school.”

Parents called for the school, superintendent and assistant superintendent to be fired.

Watch the video below from WPXI: