WATCH: Florida cop bans black woman from Trump event -- but allows white protester to walk right in
Black woman tries to enter a Donald Trump campaign event in Boca Raton, Florida (YouTube)

In video released this week, a police officer is seen telling a group of black people that Donald Trump's campaign has banned them from a rally in Boca Raton -- while a white man, who admits he is a protester, is allowed to enter.

On Monday, Sun Sentinel columnist Michael Mayo reported that he was threatened with incarceration when he tried to film attendees leaving Trump's Sunday Boca Raton rally early.

A video posted to YouTube on Monday by Bob Smith revealed that Mayo was not the only one who had a run-in with authorities who said they were doing the bidding of the Trump campaign.

In the video, an officer explains to a group of black attendees -- including a woman wearing a head covering -- that they are not welcome to enter the event, but he says they can voice their opinions in "an area on the other side of the street."

"We have tickets to the event," the woman explains.

"That does not matter," the officer replies.

"But you don't even know that we're here to protest," the woman notes.

"Does not matter," the officer insists.

"So, she's black and she's wearing something on her head and she has tickets and you're not letting her in?" Smith interrupts.

"Where did you hear me say that?" the officer asks. "The campaign has told us they don't want them on the property."

"What if I have tickets?" Smith presses. "I'm here to protest. And I have tickets."

"Okay," the officer shrugs.

"So he gets to go in?" the woman says as Smith walks past the officer into the Trump event.

Smith added this observation on his YouTube page: "If you are young and not white you have a good chance of being turned away from a Trump rally."

Watch the video below.