WATCH: 'Jesus of Nazareth' asks New Yorkers what sins he died for on Easter and their answers are hilarious
"Jesus" asks New Yorkers about Easter (Screenshot/Funny or Die)

Jesus of Nazareth -- well okay, a guy dressed up like Jesus of Nazareth -- hit the streets of New York City on Saturday to see how much pedestrians knew about the Easter holiday on Sunday.

Turns out, not much. But they knew a lot about giving silly answers, as shown in the resulting Funny or Die video.

Easter, of course, is the holiday in the Christian tradition where Jesus is said to have risen from the dead, not died.

"I've never seen The Wire," one man confessed.

Another man replied, "Butt stuff?"

Another interviewee said he was a Muslim, and riffed off the fact that observant Muslims typically pray five times a day. "But I usually only pray four times a day. Sorry, Jesus."

Watch the video, as posted by Funny or Die, here: