WATCH: SNL's Trump degrades Chris Christie as 'this fat piece of crap behind me' in brutal speech send-up
SNL's Chris Christie and Donald Trump -- (NBC screen grab)

It was inevitable that the New York-based Saturday Night Live would reach back earlier into the week to needle New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for his much derided appearance standing behind GOP front-runner Donald Trump during a speech on Super Tuesday.

SNL didn't fail..

"Everyone loves me. Racists, ugly racists, people who didn't even know they were racists," SNL's Donald Trump boasted.

Adding to that list, Trump indicated Christie standing behind him.

"As I was saying, everyone loves me. I've even got this fat piece of crap behind me now," Trump contemptuously stated.

A downcast Christie responded, "Yes sir. Thank you sir. Please sir, may I have another."

Trump obliged, "I mean he really is a sad desperate potato back there, aren't you, Chris?"

"Yes sir. Thank you sir. Please sir, may I have another," Christie replied again.

Christie was then dismissed with, "No. Go get on a plane. Go home."

Trump proceeded to wrap up his speech with an important reminder: "P.S. America, I have a great big huge dick."

Watch the video below from SNL: