Assault charges filed against NC hospital volunteer who went bonkers over a visiting black family
North Carolina hospital volunteer screaming a family -- YouTube screen grab

A former North Carolina hospital worker who attained Internet fame after her screaming encounter with a black family at her place of work is being charged with simple assault, reports WNCN.

Donna Lorraine Bridger, 68, was served with a summons to appear in court on May 3, to face charges over the incident that was filmed at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center on April 14.

In the video, uploaded to YouTube by Isaiah Baskins -- and viewed over 500,000 times -- Bridger is seen on a telephone demanding someone come and “get these people out of here.”

After Baskins confronts Bridger, asking her "Lady, what is wrong with you," the woman loses complete control, grabbing at his cellphone while kicking him and screaming "get out."

According to Baskins, the hospital volunteer used a racial slur on him before he began recording, and in the video he can be heard prompting her to repeat it for his cell phone camera.

Baskins can later be seen talking with hospital security ,describing the encounter while stating that he didn't defend himself from the physical assault saying, "I'm not gonna put my hands on that lady."

He can then be heard directing the hospital guard to a witness who was in the room at the time of the altercation and was also booted out.

Following the incident, the hospital apologized and said that Bridger would not longer be allowed to serve as a volunteer.

Watch the video of the incident below, via YouTube: