#BlackTwitter just opened a massive can of whoop-ass on ‘offensive’ #BuzzFeedVideoQuestions
BuzzFeed's "27 Questions Black People Have For Black People" (Screen capture)

There are many amazing African-American writers and editors at BuzzFeed so why none of them seemed to weigh in on the latest video "27 Questions Black People Have for Black People" is unclear, but #BlackTwitter is certainly doing so.

The video asks questions mainly relying on stereotypes surrounding the African-American community. The first has a young black man asking why it's so hard for people to be on time, a "joke" Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio got in trouble for making this week as well. It continues with questions about why people care more about the latest dance moves than politics, an issue that is not unique to any race. It even devolves into black men who date white women, education being considered a "white thing" and even watermelon.

The internet naturally found a way to respond to the video with it's own hashtag: BuzzFeedVideoQuestions and these are their responses:

Yesha Callahan writing for The Root made a list of questions for them as well.