Bundy lawyer urged supporters to harass officials with flood of frivolous records requests
Eugene attorney Mike Arnold (ArnoldLaw)

Ethics complaints have been filed against the attorney representing Ammon Bundy, who in January led an armed take-over of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, Oregon Public Broadcasting reports.

The complaints were filed with the Oregon State Bar Association against Eugene attorney Mike Arnold, who is accused of harassing government employees by urging people online to flood them with frivolous requests for public records.

Arnold admitted he had urged people to file requests.

“We’re a small firm with limited resources and defending a citizen, Ammon Bundy, against a very large juggernaut of an opponent,” he told OPB. “The resources that the United States government has to build its case against Ammon far exceed those available to our office.”

He is accused of making comments and "inciting a mass harassment of government officials."

It's not the first time Arnold has faced complaints over his conduct.

He has also been accused of soliciting Bundy and others before their arrests, in violation of Oregon State Bar rules, OPB reports.

"I felt duty-bound to give pro bono advice to the protesters out there given that they were practicing civil disobedience and didn’t appear to have any legal counsel,” Arnold told OPB in February.

Arnold isn't the only one in hot water over his conduct in relation to the militia take-over of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer is facing criminal allegations for his support of the occupiers, at the expense of fellow government and law enforcement officials who were trying to bring the occupation to an end.