Cenk Uygur mocks anti-abortion activist Daleiden after raid: 'You're no Edward Snowden'
Cenk Uygur discusses the raid on anti-abortion activist David Daleiden's apartment on April 7, 2016. (The Young Turks)

Young Turks host Cenk Uygur had little sympathy on Thursday for anti-abortion activist David Daleiden following the raid of his California apartment a day earlier.

"Believe me, dude, you're no Edward Snowden," Uygur said. "Don't think that you're some sort of hero, OK? No, you're a cheesy guy who thought he'd be clever but really hurt the well-being of so many women across the country. And now that it backfired on you, nobody's gonna shed a tear."

Daleiden, the head of the Center for Medical Progress as co-host Ana Kasparian described it -- had four computers seized by investigators from the California Department of Justice, as well as all of the footage he used in the making of "sting" videos accusing Planned Parenthood officials of engaging in the sale of fetal tissue for profit.

"Ironically, now he's facing charges for what he accused Planned Parenthood [of,]" co-host Ana Kasparian noted.

The videos were roundly debunked, and several state investigations have produced no evidence of wrongdoing by the health organization, including an investigation by Republican officials in Texas. Uygur said that conservatives have accused the raid of being political in nature because they "love to play the victim" even though the videos' original purpose was to provide an excuse for Republicans to go after Planned Parenthood facilities.

"You wanted them raided. You wanted them shut down," he argued. "But when it happened to you you're like, 'But I've got right-wing privilege!'"

Watch the commentary by Uygur and Kasparian, as aired on Thursday, below.