Chuck Todd: Bernie can get superdelegate votes by threatening them with primary challenges
MSNBC host Chuck Todd - (YouTube screen capture)

MSNBC political analyst Chuck Todd suggested Tuesday morning that Democratic superdelegates -- many of them elected officials -- committed to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could be persuaded to jump on the Bernie Sander's bandwagon with threats of being primaried.

Because of the overwhelming lead Clinton has in superdelegates, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders faces an uphill battle for the Democratic nomination, needing prohibitively large victories in the upcoming primaries.

With some superdelegates already feeling the heat from Bernie supporters, Todd suggested using the threat of ouster as a motivator.

"Superdelegates will always be receptive to a voter's pitch," Todd explained. "And if they think that voting against Bernie will cost them their own primary someday. That's the leverage Bernie could have with some these folks. And Bernie people could go to them and go 'Okay, you're going to vote against Sanders in your state? Well, we're going to primary you, so watch out.' And that's a decent pitch."

Watch the video below via YouTube: