Conservative Christian parents explode in rage over middle school’s LGBT Acceptance Week
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An upcoming "Acceptance Week" of lessons on the LGBT community, initiated by the student leadership at Windmere Ranch Middle School in San Ramon, California (a suburb in the greater San Francisco Bay Area) is getting some very interesting pushback by some parents.

The lessons are set to begin on Monday, April 11, ending with the national Day of Silence on Friday, April 15.

Some parents have posted a petition online, in which they complain that LGBT communities are getting special treatment.

"We are not against LGBTQ, but believe that the following represent equally important areas of concern, which are not addressed," such as acceptance on the bases of religion, race, social status, and other vulnerable groups, the petition says.

"We are prepared to support a walk out on Monday, April 11, 2016 if our demand is ignored and not met," the petition says. "Absences due to the 'Walk Out' must be classified as 'excused,'" or else they would threaten potential legal action.

The petition does make one concession: Any lessons should be limited to the Day of Silence on April 15, which was already approved at the school district level.

Here is the report from the local NBC station.

In a statement to the station, the school district explained that the student leadership does various weeks of awareness throughout the year, such as anti-bullying efforts, "Words Matter Week," and "Holocaust Teaching Week."

The LGBT awareness week is one example — and indeed parents have already been sent materials and been given the opportunity to opt their children out. Further revisions to the lessons have been made in response to initial feedback, and the updated lessons have also been sent out for further review.

The following is a sample from some of the comments on the petition:

  • "Where is our normal people's right?!"
  • "This is insane. Not all behaviors are made equal. They have different consequences so human being naturally develop preferences. The ultra-leftist want to brainwash children to accept all kinds of behaviors, against human nature and natural laws."
  • "I don't want my young kids to face any information about LGBTQ. It's harmful to my kids, please stop LGBTQ"
  • "It's highly offensive to celebrate things deemed to be evil by the Bible. Wow to those who call evil good and good evil." (Note: The correct word should be "woe" to those call evil good and good evil — but "Wow" might work here pretty well.)
  • "I am tired of the lgbtq shoving there agenda down my throat weather I like it or not."
  • "I'm signing this petition because it offends our kids' rights to be normal."
  • "I have grandkids preparing to attend WRMS. I have devoted a lot of time teaching them correct principles to which the LGBTQ community has been totally hostile. I feel our beliefs should be exposed to everyone at the school for several days so the LGBTQ community can learn more about us including our teachings to love all people."
  • "Not nessisary for our children to learn about gay"
  • "I feel this is a conversation that should happen at home not at school. The bible warns us about same sex relationships. The further we get away from God's word the more this country will beginning to decline because we are no longer honoring HIS word."
  • "This is a discriminatory action fully biased in support of a specific group and not taking consideration the diversity and religious views of our communities."

Admittedly, the writing style on many of these comments might actually cause some people to experience negative personality traits.