Current Wharton students absolutely trash Trump: He does not represent our school
Donald Trump (Photo via video screen capture)

GOP front-runner Donald Trump likes to brag on the campaign trail about the fact he went to the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania. So MSNBC reporter Jacob Soboroff wanted to know how Wharton students felt about that.

Turns out, they're not thrilled.

Soboroff went to the Wharton campus on Saturday morning to ask students about their thoughts on Trump trotting the school out during his stump speeches.

"No, he is not a good representation of Wharton," a student named Myles said. "Because Wharton has an amazing, diverse group of students and people who go here, and Donald Trump is not reflective of what really goes on at Wharton."

Another student said he is of Syrian descent, "so I guess you can connect the dots there."

A female MBA student said she would not be voting for Trump.

"I believe in an America where people come together and talk about their problems peacefully and resolve them," she said. "He speaks for himself. I do not believe that he speaks for Wharton."

Watch the video, as posted by MSNBC, here: