Georgia governor censured at regional GOP convention for vetoing anti-LGBT 'religious liberty' law
Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) (WGCL-TV)

In a case of conservatives eating their own, Georgia Republican Gov. Nathan Deal was slapped down at a state GOP convention with a censure vote for vetoing an anti-LGBT bill in March that would have had a devastating impact on the state's economy.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, delegates from the Third District -- which covers a large swath of west Georgia -- voted overwhelmingly for the censure on Saturday at their convention.

Announcing that he would not sign the so-called "religious freedom" bill, Deal explained that it could "lead to discrimination — even though it may be completely unintentional.”

He also noted that he saw little evidence that the law was needed.

“While most people would agree that these are things that government should not interfere with, I am not aware of a single instance of any of those things occurring in the state of Georgia,” Deal said. “If they have, nobody has called them to my attention.”

Despite the fact that the state was threatened with massive boycotts -- much like North Carolina is currently experiencing after passing an anti-transgender bill -- GOP delegates were unforgiving of the governor who was also pressed by businesses to not sign the bill.

Deal was defended by one of the bills more ardent supporters who urged the delegates to not go after the governor.

"I said that it was not constructive for the GOP to lash out at the governor, and that if we want to pass conservatives initiatives next year, we need to make a positive case for their adoption,” state Sen. Josh McKoon said after the vote passed.