GOP strategist blasts 'infantile 5-year-old' Trump for whining about election rules when they don't go his way
Ana Navarro (Screenshot/CNN)

CNN contributor and Republican strategist laid into current GOP front-runner Donald Trump on CNN's morning show, New Day, on Tuesday.

Navarro accused Trump of whining about losing Colorado, saying the candidate seems to think the rules work fine when he wins, but accuses the party of wrong-doing when he doesn't.

"It is a complicated process, it is a legalistic process, but it is our process. It is called democracy,” she said. “Live with it. Stop being an infantile 5-year-old saying every time that you don’t win, the rules don’t work, when you do win, lo and behold, the rules really work.”

Before that, Navarro had pointed out she fled a communist revolution in Nicaragua before settling in the United States.

"This is called democracy," she said. "Every single state party gets to make its rules the way they want to. Some people have early primaries, some have them later. Some have caucuses, some have conventions. Some have open primaries, some have closed primaries. It is all about knowing what the rules of that particular state are.”

Navarro later tweeted that she was being harassed and called obscene, racist names as a result of her comments.

Watch Navarro's comments, as posted by CNN, here: