Hilarious-but-accurate video reveals the 'Bernie Math' that shows Sanders is actually winning
When your Sanders supporting friend explains the Bernie Math (screen capture)

Are you feeling a little confused about how Sen. Bernie Sanders could still manage to snag the Democratic nomination for president even though the numbers seem to be irreversibly leaning in Hillary Clinton's favor?

Don't worry, this video from College Humor explains it all for you in byzantine, wait-I-don't-think-numbers-do-that detail.

As the bespectacled Sanders supporter in the clip explained, in Bernie Math, "First you have to subtract the superdelegates...then you add 10 momentum points for every state he won in a row. Multiply that by how much birds like him..." and so forth.

And if you, like the unconvinced character in the video, think that for some die-hard Sanders supporters, "it feels like you're jumping through a bunch of hoops to mask a hard mathematical truth that you don't like," well, then you're just another neoliberal shill who's in the tank for Hillary.

The only thing that could make this video more accurate would be for the Sanders supporter to noisily and dramatically unfriend the other character on Facebook.

Watch the video, embedded below: