Jane Sanders: Black voters would like Bernie a lot more if Hillary wasn't running
Jane Sanders (MSNBC)

Jane Sanders said her husband would be drawing more support from black voters if he was facing some other Democratic opponent.

The wife of Bernie Sanders appeared Thursday morning on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program, where she explained why she thought the Vermont senator had not attracted much minority support in spite of his campaign theme of income inequality, reported Mediaite.

"I think if he was running against anybody but Hillary Clinton, who was the anointed, who is the most well-known person running for office in this country, in the world -- she has a good relationship with the African-American community that goes back decades," Sanders said. "That hurts us, helps her."

She insisted her husband's campaign, which will cut hundreds of staffers after suffering four defeats in Tuesday's primary elections, is "making inroads" among younger voters and non-white voters.

"We’ve been picking up all along, we’re going to keep on doing that," Sanders said. "It’s basically getting out in front of them, talking with about the issues that affect them, and that his general bold vision for the future actually affects them disproportionately because, as you say, a lot of them have lower incomes, they are concerned about the cost of higher education, and a number of the issues that Bernie puts out there."