Jimmy Kimmel slams horrifyingly hypocritical Dennis Hastert: ‘He abused at least five boys’
Jimmy Kimmel (Photo: Screen capture)

Jimmy Kimmel didn’t hold back Wednesday about the farce of the 15-month sentence former speaker Dennis Hastert received, Wednesday.

"This story, for some reason, is not a big story," Kimmel began hoping more people would sit up and take notice of the insanity. Raw Story readers should be familiar with Hastert's crimes against children, but it was bank fraud that he was actually charged with because the statute of limitations was up on what he did to boys.

"The judge today called him a serial child molester. The guy was Speaker of the House," Kimmel said with shock and disgust. "From 1999 to 2007, he was Speaker of the House. During which time, he called on lawmakers to 'put repeat child molesters in a jail for the rest of their lives.' Today, he got 15 months for that."

Kimmel also called Hastert a hypocrite for leading the crusade against former President Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky scandal. "Presumably, because it was consensual sex with an adult woman."

He decided that there should be a rule that "any time a politician pontificates about someone else's private life a squad of investigators is immediately sent to his house to investigate what he is up to," Kimmel said to audience applause.

The most alarming and sickening part of this, Kimmel explained, "was that 60 people wrote letters to the judge on Dennis Hastert's behalf to help reduce his sentence. And it wasn't just family members. One of them was the former House Majority Leader Tom Delay. He wrote, 'When Speaker Hastert became speaker of the house and I became majority leader, he started a Bible study every Wednesday at lunch. We held each other accountable and we studied God's Word. I know his heart and have seen it up close and personal. We all have our flaws, but Dennis Hastert has very few.'"

"Yeah, just one really. It's a big one. Other than that, he's a great guy," Kimmel said sarcastically.

"He doesn't deserve what he is going through," Kimmel continued reading Delay's letter. "I asked that you consider the man that is before you and give him leniency where you can."

"He doesn't deserve what he's going through?" he said shocked. "He abused at least five boys when he was their wrestling coach! He had a reclining chair set up in front of the shower so that he could watch them take showers. Jared from Subway right now is going, 'Why the hell didn't I run for Speaker of the House?'"

"Fifteen months. So, we've got some good people running things in this country," he closed with his voice dripping with revulsion.

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