Kasich rips Republicans: 'If you don’t have ideas, you got nothing' -- and the GOP 'doesn't like ideas'
John Kasich speaks to CNN (screen grab)

In an interview with the Washington Post published Wednesday night, Ohio Gov. John Kasich took some shots at his own party, saying Republicans have little to offer voters because the party doesn't like new ideas.

Kasich, who came in a surprise second on the New York primary but has been mathematically eliminated from contention, invoked "Saint" Ronald Reagan while railing at members of his party for being being "negative."

“If you don’t have ideas, you got nothing, and frankly my Republican Party doesn’t like ideas,” Kasich said. “They want to be negative against things. We had Reagan, okay? Saint Ron. We had Kemp, he was an idea guy. I’d say Paul Ryan is driven mostly by ideas. He likes ideas. But you talk about most of ’em, the party is knee-jerk ‘against.’ Maybe that’s how they were created.”

The longtime lawmaker was asked how he might appeal to Trump's supporters and dismissed it out of hand, saying he was well past his “bombast years, where I was pounding on everybody.”

Kasich is widely regarded as continuing to campaign in the hopes of getting the VP slot, or chosen as the Republican "establishment" candidate should Trump fail to win enough delegates, plunging the Cleveland gathering into a brokered convention.