Kids hit with pepper spray amid clash over California city council's anti-Trump proposal
A young girl is treated after being hit with pepper spray in Anaheim, California on April 26, 2016. (KTLA-TV)

Two children were hit with pepper spray on Tuesday during a clash centering around the Anaheim City Council's discussion over whether or not to formally denounce Donald Trump, KTLA-TV reported.

The proposal prompted both supporters and critics of the Republican presidential candidate -- more than 50 people in all -- to hold demonstrations outside city hall, which eventually degenerated into a physical altercation. The Orange County Register reported that the two unidentified girls were brought to the pro-Trump rally by their grandmother, 53-year-old Linda Reedy.

"All I remember is a young man jumped on one of my friends and I told him to get off. Then I got pepper sprayed," Reedy told the Orange County Register.

Police said five people were hit with the spray during the encounter, with three of them treated at the scene. No arrests have been made.

The dueling protests came in response to a proposal from council member Kris Murray condemning "the divisive rhetoric of presidential candidate Donald Trump as contrary to the fundamental principles" Trump has employed throughout his campaign.

Murray told the Los Angeles Times she was making the proposal on behalf of "tens of thousands of Anaheim residents who have been the target of Mr. Trump's campaign trail attacks."

Watch KTLA's report, as aired on Tuesday, below.