Man tries to burn down neighbor's house for having 'Native American heritage': police
Dorian Ramos Brown (Photo: Tulsa Jail)

Police arrested 37-year-old Dorian Ramos Brown Sunday after hearing him repeatedly threaten to burn down his neighbor's house in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Brown was pacing back and forth in his own backyard shouting about the neighbor's Native American heritage.

Brown then brought a gas can from his garage and poured what the officers assumed to be gasoline onto the neighbor's house. He then jumped the fence and seemed to run off while officers followed in pursuit, according to the Tulsa World. Brown eventually returned and poured more gasoline onto his neighbor's home and lit the liquid on fire causing the house to catch as well.

Tulsa firefighters were on hand to extinguish the fire and Brown was taken into custody and booked just before 2:10 a.m. on the charge of suspicion of first-degree arson after a felony conviction. No word yet if those charges will also include a hate crime but arson does fall under the classifications.

In 2007, Brown was arrested for assaulting a police officer and just Friday was arrested on a complaint of public intoxication but was released the following morning.