Mass Gov. booed off stage at LGBT event for refusing to say he'd support trans protections bill
Mass. Gov. Baker addresses Trans Community (Screen capture)

Republican Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker accidently stepped into the homophobic bathroom-bill debate Wednesday night at a corporate networking event for LGBT community members.

Not only did Baker sidestep the issue of whether he’d sign a so-called “public accommodations” bill that now seems to be stalled in the state legislature, according to CBS, he told the group he would listen to both sides on the issue. Unlike most states that are restricting public places for transgender people, Massachusetts is working to pass a bill that would expand protections for transgender people.

It was then that the crowd began to boo and shout. Protesters then approached the stage where Baker spoke holding signs saying “Public Spaces Equal Our Spaces” and began shouting “sign the bill!” and "Why won't you sign the bill?!"

“I mean that’s not even a very brave thing to say, to say that he would sign a bill, if it came before his desk. And if he had done that, it would have given him the moderate Republican image that he’s trying to have,” Lorelei Erisis of Ayer told WBZ NewsRadio 1030. She believes Baker is just like every other Republican governor that is working to restrict the freedoms of transgender people.

Following the incident, Baker's office released a statement that he supported the 2011 legislation that supported transgender people and wanted to review the latest bill.

Watch a clip of the video below: