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New Jersey board of education member under fire for poorly-spelled anti-Muslim rant



A northern New Jersey board of education member accused of Facebook posts urging Muslims to “stay in your desserts” is refusing to step down despite a growing list of educators and lawmakers calling for her resignation.

Gladys Gryskiewicz remained listed as a trustee of the Elmwood Park Board of Education on its website on Wednesday despite an uproar over reports of a series of messages on her personal Facebook account.

Posts earlier this year urged Muslims to “stay in your desserts [sic] and follow your religion in your own countries,” as well as “Go back to your own country; America needs to get rid of people like you,” according to a statement from the New Jersey chapter of Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR.

Gryskiewicz’s lawyer, Evan Goldman, was quoted in The Record of Bergen County newspaper as confirming that his client wrote the online comments and saying she would not resign.

“Obviously she knows she wrote it,” Goldman told the Record. “She wishes she could take it back.”


School board lawyer Andrew Brown said the board had no authority to remove Gryskiewicz, in part because she was elected. Gryskiewicz, who was essentially unopposed when she ran for the post in November, was sworn into office in January.

Goldman did not respond immediately to requests for comment.

Elmwood Park Public Schools Superintendent Anthony Grieco called the statements “hurtful and offensive” and said they had disrupted the school day.


“I can assure you that our school district does not condone, practice or tolerate the statements expressed by a board member, as these views have no place in our school setting,” Grieco said.

The Facebook page, which has since been taken down, touched a nerve after a high school student in the district called attention to the posts at a board meeting last month, CAIR said.

Humza Yousuf, 17, a Muslim whose parents are Pakistani immigrants and who is student body president at Elmwood Park Memorial High School, said Gryskiewicz’s comments offended him.


Principal David Warner immediately demanded Gryskiewicz’s resignation, a call echoed by students, CAIR, several school board members, teachers union officials, state legislators and others.

(Reporting by Barbara Goldberg; Editing by Lisa Von Ahn and Bill Trott)

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WATCH: Civil rights icon John Lewis drops the hammer on Trump — and has no qualms about calling his remarks racist



On Tuesday, the fallout continued from remarks President Trump made telling four freshman congresswomen -- and women of color -- that they should go back to their own countries.

While some prominent Republicans criticized the president, they stopped short of calling his comments racist.

MSNBC reported Tuesday that Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) -- a civil rights icon -- deemed Trump's remarks racist.

"This is not any, any way for the president of the United States of America to be attacking to be saying what he's saying about these young women," Lewis said.

"It's just dead wrong. We must use everything in a nonviolent way to say that it's wrong."

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Trump believes white nationalism is a winning strategy — because Fox News tells him so



Donald Trump thinks white nationalism is going to win him the 2020 election. This much is clear. Trump's racist Twitter rant on Sunday — in which he suggested that four nonwhite congresswomen, three of whom were born in the United States, are "originally" from somewhere else and should therefore "go back" — might have seemed at first like a spontaneous eruption of racist rage from the simmering bigot in the White House.

Soon, however, it became clear that this was strategic. Trump thinks it's a winning move to echo the claims of David Duke and other white nationalists who believe the United States is for white people. He justified his racism by saying that "many people agree with me," and by continuing to rave on Twitter about how the real purveyors of "racist hatred" are those who look askance at his embracing the rhetoric of Stormfront and the KKK.

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‘White supremacy is a hell of a drug’: columnist explains the GOP’s garbled response to Trump



On Tuesday, President Donald Trump addressed comments he'd made telling four freshman congresswomen -- all American citizens and women of color -- to go back to their countries.

The comments set off a furor that the president was being outwardly racist.

“It's up to them. They can do what they want. They can leave, they can stay, but they should love our country,” the president told reporters Tuesday when he was asked about his remarks.

On CNN Tuesday, New York Times columnist Wajahat Ali explained how Donald Trump's comments -- and his Republican counterparts' refusal to call them racist -- is rooted in a dangerous white supremacy, or terror at the "browning of America."

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