Newspaper's fake Sunday cover warns darkly of riots and a failing economy in a Trump presidency
Donald Trump on cover of his book 'Crippled America' (Screenshot)

The Boston Globe will publish a fake front page on Sunday to accompany its upcoming editorial, “Stop Trump,” Politico reports.

The satirical front page is a collection of headlines that suppose the current GOP front-runner, Donald Trump, wins the general election in November. They include headlines like, "Deportations to begin: President Trump calls for tripling ICE force; riots continue" and "US soldiers refuse orders to kill ISIS families."

The column leads off with, "Donald J. Trump's vision for the future of our nation is as deeply disturbing as it is profoundly un-American." It then explains, "The satirical front page of this section attempts to do just that, to envision what America looks like with Trump in the White House."

The headlines are all riffs on campaign promises Trump has made, including vows to round up and deport all of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. and "take out" the families of terrorists.

The fake page is dated one year from Sunday -- April 9, 2017, and grimly predicts a crashing stock market and a new libel law that allows Trump to target the news media.

"For now, Republicans ought to focus on doing the right thing: putting up every legitimate roadblock to Trump that they can," the editorial says. "Unexpectedly, a key moment in American democracy has snuck up on the GOP. When he denounced Trump, Romney said he wanted to be able to say he’d fought the good fight against a demagogue. That’s the test other Republicans may want to consider."

The editorial and the front page can be seen here.

[caption id="attachment_777601" align="aligncenter" width="444"]Boston Globe satirical front page Boston Globe satirical front page[/caption]

The editorial goes on to challenge the party to reject both Trump and his equally-extreme rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, and tap Mitt Romney or House Speaker Paul Ryan instead.