Ricky Gervais: Let’s trick Trump into thinking he won and find a real president
Ricky Gervais on Seth Meyers (Screen capture)

For all of those who can't get enough of Donald Trump's campaign but really don't want him leading the free world, actor and comedian Ricky Gervais has a brilliant plan for a new fake-reality series: Trump is president, but not really.

On Tuesday's "Late Night with Seth Meyers," Gervais admitted that he finds the whole campaign season fascinating, and much like a trainwreck, he can't stop watching Donald Trump. "I started off thinking it was quite funny," he explained. "Then it got a bit serious. And now I don't know whether I want him to get in for the fun of it or not. I mean, I can say that, I don't live here. Sorry about that."

The British liberal admitted that he wouldn't mind a 24-hour Trump channel where he could watch the nonstop Trump insanity all day long. "Just him talking. Because it's amazing," he described. "He doesn't mean to be funny, that's the beauty of it."

Gervais then pitched his brainchild series: "What if we just told him he got in? So, he gets up every day, right? And he does a little address and we go, 'yes, that's brilliant! I'm the president-hybrid!' And they're all extras," he said waving like a Trump fan in a crowd. "And he never knows he was never president." This would clearly continue for a while Trump is being filmed, and America is watching the "reality" unfold.

"It'd be amazing," Meyers said, in support of the idea. "Well, you wouldn't even have to tell him, right? You would just say—"

"No, not yet," Gervais said with a mischevious grin.

"Maybe a year in you'd say, 'Here's the thing, it's been fake, but the ratings are huge!'" said Meyers knowing exactly how to stroke Trump's ego. He swears Trump would probably keep doing the show simply for that reason.