School yard bullies are about to cost their parents a hefty fine in Wisconsin
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Little Johnny might be a perfect angel at home but if he's a homophobic, sexist, anger-ball at school, Shawano, Wisconsin parents will be forced to pay a fine.

“It creates an avenue for us to work with parents to help find solutions,” said Shawano Police Chief Mark Kohl, according to KXAN News.

The process will have an initial warning by police to the parents with 90 days to intervene. If the child continues to be a problem, parents will be fined $366. A second offense within a year's time will levy a $681 fine.

Kohl clarified that there are no current concerns that warrant fines, but the city wants to be proactive in protecting children in the future. According to him, many parents are unaware of their child's bad behavior outside the home, and this can help keep them informed.

The National Bullying Prevention Center reports one in every four students is bullied during a school year. "It can lead to other things [like] drug use...and unfortunately suicide," he said.

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