Seth Meyers crushes 'incompetent' Trump: He's 'made some of the dumbest mistakes possible'
Donald Trump's Delegate Trouble: A Closer Look (Screen capture)

If Donald Trump is such a genius at management why couldn't he master his own delegate operation? "That's right, Donald Trump knows how to run things," Seth Meyers began his "Closer Look" segment on Wednesday's "Late Night." For example, Trump is amazing at running casinos into the ground. But when it comes to delegates Trump falters.

"Now, this is complicated," Meyers prefaced, "but basically when you win a primary you get delegates to the GOP convention but you need people to serve as those delegates. In addition to that, a few states don't even hold primaries, they hold local and state party conventions where they choose the delegates directly. Getting those delegates requires a strong organization on the ground and so far Trump has been very, very bad at this."

Colorado, for example, chose their delegates at local and state conventions and Trump's people weren't there to organize the ground game. The result was zero delegates for Trump in the state. The same thing happened in North Dakota, where Trump only scored a single delegate. Since then, Trump has been going around talking about how rigged the system is. His supporters took matters into their own hands with death threats to the chair of the Colorado GOP and delegates in Indiana. Some supporters are even threatening to leave the GOP altogether.

Trump and supporters might be angry about the delegate process, "but he has only himself to blame," Meyers explained. "His organization has proved incompetent when it comes to recruiting delegates, and he clearly lacks a basic understanding of the rules." Granted the rules are a little tricky, "but Donald Trump, of all people, should be able to figure this out because as he has said many times" he's a brilliant, amazing, wonderful, genius, who knows everything, has common sense and can do anything.

Despite his amazing, brilliant, genius brain "Trump has made some of the dumbest mistakes possible in these delegate recruitment efforts," Meyers outlined. In Washington state, for example, the primary election hasn't happened, but unless Trump recruits delegates, the people who are nominated can vote for whoever they want on the second ballot at a contested convention. Their first big mistake was an email they sent out on Friday, April 8 to tell people that the deadline to apply to be a delegate was Wednesday, April 6. It also turns out they sent the email to residents of Washington, D.C., not Washington State.

Colorado is still the worst blunder for Trump, however. Delegates were all assigned a number and were allowed to give a speech less than 30 seconds. One man just repeated his name and "Trump conservative" over and over before asking for support. So what's Trump to do? He can actually buy the delegates off because it turns out that may not be illegal. "That's how crazy a contested convention could get," Meyers said. "As one election law specialist told CNN, 'I think the legal term is sh*t show.' A term, of course, originated in the famous Supreme Court case Clusterf*ck v. Ass Over Handlebars."

"There is no better example of just how incompetent Trump might be as president than his own campaign," Meyers closed.