Single women agree: No f*cking way would I date a Donald Trump fan
Donald Trump (Photo via video screen capture)

As if dating isn't hard enough, supporters of GOP front-runner Donald Trump have an extra hurdle. According to a dating website, a sizable portion of single women won't date a Trump supporter, according to PlentyOfFish.

PlentyOfFish surveyed 4,000 single Americans over the age of 18 and found 40 percent of women uninterested in Trump supporters. On the other end of the spectrum, Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders is the most favored candidate among singles overall.

The website cautioned, "If you had the upcoming U.S. election planned as a hot conversation topic for your next date and don’t know who your special someone is voting for, probably reconsider bringing this up. Singles are hesitant about dating someone with drastically different political views than their own, with 25% refusing to do so, and 31% being unsure if they would even attempt it."

The website also found the average Trump supporter to be less educated, according to Elite Daily. Most are white men in their fifties who earn a slightly higher-than-average income. They're also less than half as likely as others to reach out to a potential mate of a different ethnicity.

A large percentage of singles surveyed told the website they'd be voting in the upcoming election -- nearly 75 percent. The vast majority of women identified as Democrats and Independents, at 38 and 37 percent respectively, while men had a higher number of Republicans.