SNL's Al Sharpton applies 'Black Approval Ratings Scale' to candidates -- and Trump fails miserably
SNL's Kennan Thompson meets Al Sharpton -- (SNL screencap)

Portraying an election numbers wiz, MSNBC's Rev. Al Sharpton popped up on SNL to explain a new metric designed to gauge the appeal of the 2016 presidential field to black voters to SNL cast-member Kenan Thompson -- playing the good reverend himself.

With Thompson's Sharpton dropping occasional malapropisms into the conversation -- "disenfranchising" voters becomes "disenfrenchfry people" -- the real reverend  is introduced as "statistical analyst Charles Richards."

"Now the black vote is crucial this election and you've created an 'algore-rhythm' to show where our community is needed," Thompson asks.

"That's right, my algorithm is called the 'Black Approval Ratings Scale,'" the analyst explains. "Each candidate gets a number between one and ten, based on their standing in the black community."

Unsurprising, Hillary Clinton fares best of all because her husband in "beloved in the African-American community," despite his recent outburst at Black Lives Matter protesters.

"Absolutely," the fake Sharpton observed. "Bill, Clinton could walk into the BET awards after-party, sit at Rhianna's table, order a bowl of mac 'n cheese, and everybody would say, 'that seems right.'"

Ted Cruz scored poorly, with yet another joke mocking his creepy face, and Trump fared worst of all on the one-to-ten scale -- with a "negative approval rating of 1,048."

"That could go down," the analyst added.

Watch the video via SNL: