Tennessee tourism parody ad hilariously exposes the absurdity of state's new anti-gay stance
Fake Tennessee tourism ad (Screenshot/Funny or Die)

The comedy website, Funny or Die, made a mock ad slamming Tennessee for a GOP-sponsored bill that would let therapists deny services to LGBT clients.

The bill, which is sponsored by the state's Republicans and is headed to the governor, would protect therapists and counselors from litigation and criminal prosecution for denying services to patients whose beliefs conflict with their own.

It's one of a number of anti-gay bills that have been sweeping the South recently, in states including North Carolina and Mississippi.

The fake tourism ad says visitors can "sing a sad country song about your gay friends being refused counseling services," or "enjoy live music -- if we can convince anyone to perform here." It also invites visitors to "let the fireflies illuminate your extremism."

Watch the fake ad, as posted by Funny or Die, here: