Texas man brings real gun to water gun fight -- and shoots 15-year-old girl
"little guys using water guns to spray their father" (Shutterstock.com)

Law enforcement officials in Spring, Texas said over the weekend that they were questioning a man after he shot a 15-year-old girl who was playing with water guns.

Witnesses told KPRC that they observed two people having a water gun fight when the shooting occurred.

“The man went over there to his car to get his dry clothes and he must have had the gun so he started playing with it and tried to do this and I thought he probably had it on safety and he accidentally shot the girl in her collar bone area,” neighbor Micah Stewart explained.

The bullet reportedly struck just inches from the 15-year-old girl's neck.

Harris County Constable Lt. Daniel Garza confirmed that Cy Creek EMS "tended to the female who is reported to be in stable condition."

Although deputy constables questioned the shooter, it was not immediately clear if he would be charged.

Watch the video below from KHOU.