Texas man smashed martini glass into woman's face after she told him to stop 'grinding' on her
Christopher Taber Depolo (Austin police)

A Texas man has been arrested after a violent attack on a woman, the San Antonio Express-News reports.

Christopher Taber Depolo, 29, of Austin, was arrested after he "grinded" up against a woman then shattered a glass on her face when she tried to make him stop.

The woman told authorities she was out with friends at a bar when she felt a hand around her waist and someone grinding on her from behind, the Express-News reports. She said she told the man he was acting inappropriately.

Depolo responded to her protesting by disparaging her in a mocking voice and blocking a doorway so she could not get away. He called her ugly and said she was "dumbest bitch [he] had ever met," according to a criminal complaint obtained by the Express-News.

When the victim tried to move away from him, Depolo is accused of smashing her martini glass in her face causing blood to gush down from her injuries.

The woman suffered serious eye trauma and a broken nose. Another man said when he tried approaching Depolo after the attack, Depolo kicked him in the groin.

Depolo is facing felony assault charges.