A transgender female student at the University of North Carolina said she was threatened by the university's Republican students over the state's new anti-gay legislation, according to Towelroad.

The student said she approach UNC College Republicans hoping they would help repeal the state's now-infamous law that prevents local governments from enacting laws to protect the LGBT community, including allowing transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity.

The legislation has been deeply controversial. It has resulted in scores of artists and public agencies, from Bruce Springsteen to the city of Los Angeles boycotting the state.

She posted the exchange to Reddit, but redacted her name. The college Republicans denied the exchange ever occurred.

In the posts, the college Republicans allegedly launched into an attack, calling being transgender a "mental illness." When the student pointed out the bathroom law puts her at risk of being attacked by forcing her to use men's bathrooms, the Republicans responded she shouldn't have made the "choice" to be transgender.

“First of (sic), you are a mentally-ill man, no amount of surgery or hormones will change that. Second, if a tranny like you goes into the women’s restroom, then what about the rights of them? If you value your life, you shouldn’t have made this sick choice and settled with the gender God gave you.”

They then compared being transgender to being a pedophile.

“Playing into your delusions would make us no better than someone who tolerates pedophiles. You will never be a woman, and so you should stick with the man’s room, as that is what you are, a mentally-ill man. you are sick and disgusting for mutilating your own God-given body, so a tranny like you find no pity with us.”

The the messages got outright threatening.

“If you ever dare to set foot into the women’s room I will make sure to give you a lesson not to harass our women, you freak of nature. We will make sure that you trannies do not molest our daughters and sisters.”

The UNC College Republicans released a statement on their Facebook page denouncing the messages and adding they were fabricated.

"We at UNC College Republicans are shocked and disgusted by this false and slanderous attack. We never condone the type of vicious and discriminatory language we have been accused of using. Our organization has a diversity of views on House Bill 2, and has taken no official position on the issue. The screenshots featured in the article are patently false and fabricated," they wrote.

They added they have LGBT students as members of their group.

"This type of rhetoric is offensive and divisive and does not reflect the values of UNC College Republicans or our membership, which includes LGBTQA+ students. This attack is an attempt to shame, defame and silence our organization."