Trump flip-flops once again on punishing women for abortions: ‘My answer was excellent’
Donald Trump (AFP Photo/Darren McCollester)

Donald Trump zig-zagged once again on whether women should face punishment for having abortions, if the procedure were outlawed.

The Republican presidential candidate appeared on the syndicated radio program hosted by Joe Pags, where he defended comments he made last week that sparked outrage and furious backpedaling by Trump himself, reported Right Wing Watch.

Trump agreed with the conservative radio host that MSNBC's Chris Matthews had unfairly asked his thoughts on the issue.

"It was a hypothetical question," Trump said. "A lot of people thought my answer was excellent, by the way. There were a lot of people who thought that was a very good answer."

Trump claimed hours after the controversy erupted that he had never supported the policy he described in the TV interview, then said days later that current abortion laws should remain in place -- which his own campaign then denied.

"I didn’t see any big deal and then all of a sudden there was somewhat of a storm, and you know, it’s interesting, this morning I’m hearing two hosts on television that were critical and they said, 'We really thought his first answer was very good,'" Trump said. "Because you can’t win. 'We thought it was good, what was wrong with his first answer?' And I heard a pastor, who is a fantastic pastor, saying, 'Well, you know, if you think about it, his first answer is right.'"

Trump and Pags agreed Matthews' question was "disgraceful," and former reality TV star complained the network should have gone easy on him for his previous business relationship with NBC.

"The whole thing is just so — the press is extremely unfair," Trump said. "A lot of very terrible people. It is interesting with MSNBC. Not only that, I made NBC a fortune with 'The Apprentice,' an absolute fortune with 'The Apprentice.' But they’ve all got agendas and I understand that. Frankly, they’re bad but they’re sort of all bad. I don’t get treated well on Fox. I don’t get treated well on CNN."