Current GOP front runner Donald Trump said during a speech in Syracuse, New York on Saturday that the Republican party will have a "rough time" at the party convention in Cleveland in July if his voters aren't heard, according to KCCI.

Trump is angry over the likelihood of a brokered convention, which means that he could be denied the nomination even if he wins the majority of votes.

"The system is rigged," Trump said in Syracuse on Saturday, according to KCCI. "They gotta do something about it. The Republican National Committee better get going because I'll tell you what, you're gonna have a rough time at that convention in July ... because people want to vote and the people wanna be represented properly."

Trump's run has been a controversial one. Recently his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was cleared of wrongdoing by a Florida prosecutor over accusations he had roughly grabbed a conservative female reporter.

His supporters have been accused of threatening delegates and Republican party officials.

“You sorry (expletive)!” GOP delegate Craig Dunn said he was told in an emailed message. “I hope the worst for you and yours!”

About 300 people protested the Trump rally, according to About 10 of them managed to sneak inside the rally, and were led out by security.

"He feels threatened by people who look like me, but I'm well educated and know well enough that his racism will not make our country better," Aysha Seedat, a Pakistani-American Muslim protester, told

Another protester had a lighter take.

"No vote here! You have bad hair!" Christine Dwyer's sign read.

"The guy's got a lot of money -- why doesn't he get his hair fixed?" she asked.

Trump supporters called the protesters "anti-American" and one demanded they "go back to Cuba."

One man wore a T-shirt that read "Trump that b*tch," according to AP reporter Jill Colvin.

Watch video from the event, as posted by via Twitter, here: