Video reveals judge ordered defendant to be shocked into submission — just for talking
Judge Robert Nalley orders deputy to use 'Stun cuff' on defendant in July 2014. (YouTube)

A former Maryland county judge will not be see jail time for the incident that cost him his position -- ordering a sheriff's deputy to use a "stun cuff" against a defendant for talking too much, WUSA-TV reported.

Instead, Robert C. Nalley will pay a $5,000 fine and take anger-management courses while spending a year on probation for his actions against Saamir Jhaled Khaleel Kingali, aka Delvon King, in July 2014.

The incident occurred when King was in Nalley's Charles County courtroom acting as his own defendant after being charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. Kingali had been fitted with the "stun cuff" because of his alleged history of "disruptive behavior" in court.

Video shows Kingali speaking during jury selection but refusing to follow Nalley's order to stop. Nalley then says, "Mr Sheriff, do it... use it" at which point the deputy used the device, sending King to the ground yelling in pain.

"Excruciating pain then, and a burning sensation," King said of the experience. "It burned the rest of the day. Messed me up mentally."

According to the Associated Press, Nailey's attorney said that the judge had not been trained on the use of the device. He subsequently lost his right to hear cases following the incident. But he refused to apologize for ordering the deputy to use the device against Kingali, instead saying he made an error in judgement.

"To say that I'm chagrined to be standing here is an understatement," he said in a statement.

Watch WUSA's report, as aired on Thursday, below.

Footage of the original incident, as posted online, can be seen here.

[h/t The Free Thought Project]