Video shows drunk Georgia Republican lying to cops during DUI arrest
Tom Taylor after being pulled over by police (Screenshot)

Video surfaced on Tuesday showing Georgia Republican state Rep. Tom Taylor’s arrest on April 7 for driving under the influence.

According to liberal watchdog group Better Georgia, Taylor can be seen repeatedly lying to officers in the video as he tries to convince them to let him go. The 54-year-old lawmaker falsely claimed that he was not intoxicated, that he had not been drinking on the day of his arrest and that the open container of alcohol in his lap was “probably from yesterday.”

“According to dash cam footage, he then told the officers that he had some wine the night before and was probably just hung over,” said Better Georgia, which is calling for Taylor’s resignation. “But according to Clayton Police records, Taylor’s blood alcohol was .225 -- nearly three times the legal limit -- when he was arrested on April 7th for DUI, possession of an open alcohol container and speeding.”

At the time of his arrest – which took place at 2:45 in the afternoon – Taylor was wearing a gun on his hip and driving with four children in the car. He was pulled over by police for driving at 72 miles per hour in a zone marked 45.

Taylor is currently running for re-election to represent Atlanta’s affluent Dunwoody neighborhood.