WATCH: Bernie and Trump do battle in Jimmy Kimmel's hilarious 'Captain America: Civil War' parody
Bernie Sanders as Captain America -- (Jimmy Kimmel Live screen grab)

With all of the presidential candidate doing battle in New York City, ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel couldn't help but notice the similarities to an upcoming Marvel blockbuster.

With that, the comedian offered up a parody video of Bernie Sanders as Captain America doing battle with Donald Trump as Iron Man.

"There are some interesting parallels in this presidential election and the movie, Captain America Civil War," Kimmel explained. Both of them feature former friends who are now enemies. Both feature powerful men and women who are also cartoon characters."

Nailing the conflict between Sanders and Trump, the clip begins with: "This summer, an all-American idealist faces off against a diabolical billionaire."

And you can guess who it is talking about -- with Hillary Clinton making a cameo appearance as the Red Witch.

Watch the video below via Jimmy Kimmel LIve: