WATCH: Cops caught snatching children without a warrant — but was it justified?
Vancouver policeman speaking with woman at her window -- YouTube screen cap

In a video that was uploaded to YouTube, a Washington man captured police from the Vancouver Police Department entering his home to check on his kids via a window after telling the him they didn't need a warrant.

According to the Free Thought Project, Ilya Petrenko said the police were dispatched to his home in Clark County, Washington after they received a call about a domestic disturbance that originated in Kentucky.

Based upon conversations between Petrenko and several officers during the filming, the family refused to allow them to enter their home by making them wait at the front the door for close to an hour while insisting that everything was okay.

The video picks up with multiple officers standing at their window and one policeman insisting that he needs to come in, while stating that he doesn't need a warrant.

After several officers enter the home, Petrenko's wife Stephanie attempts to scurry away from the cops while carrying one of her children with an officer grabbing her hair causing her to dramatically state, "He just yanked my hair out of my head!"

Officers are then seen struggling with the woman as they pull the child from her arms and she is moved out of camera view where she can be heard yelling and struggling with the police.

According to Petrenko, their children were taken into custody and turned over to Child Protective Services where they have remained since February.

Watch the video below via YouTube: