WATCH: Hillary Clinton and Stephen Colbert joke about the 'smallest issues' facing Americans
Clinton and Colbert (Screenshot/Twitter)

Late Show host Stephen Colbert and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton teamed up to tackle issues Americans face.

But so much attention has been given to big issues, like inequality and the economy, that the two wanted to talk about the smaller things that don't get any play on the election field. Like, for instance, the fact that your co-worker Deb labeled her yogurt in the office fridge "Deb's yogurt." So don't eat that yogurt.

Clinton will be a guest on the Late Show on Monday night, just one day ahead of the crucial New York state primary, the New York Daily News reports. But the visit will be lighthearted.

"All Americans should have access to heath care -- ideally, whatever Rob Lowe is getting," Clinton said. "That guy looks amazing."

Colbert chimed in that it's 2016, and you should by all rights be able to put a dollar bill into a vending machine facing up or down. And singer Taylor Swift should stop looking surprised when she wins awards.

Watch the video, as posted by Colbert on Twitter, here: