WATCH: Shocking footage of Muslim woman being mown down by car at anti-Islam protest
Muslim woman after being hit by speeding car -- (YouTube screen grab)

A Muslim woman attempting to walk across a street during an anti-Islam protest was mown down by a driver of a car as he raced around police barricades and attempted to speed off, reports The Daily Mail.

The incident occurred on Saturday in Molenbeek, a municipality in Brussels and an area several of the terrorists who carried out the Brussels and Paris attacks had connections to.

In the video, shot from above, the woman can be seen walking across the street before being struck from the side by the Audi driven by a man who appears to be filming it with a cellphone held outside the driver's window.

As screams are heard in the background, the woman first sprawls across the hood of the car then spills into the street as the car speeds off.

According to police, the woman was briefly unconscious before being rushed to a nearby hospital with serious injuries.

The driver was later stopped at gunpoint at another police barricade and taken into custody as he took pictures with his phone as he was surrounded. Police have not released any motive.

Brussels has been roiled by protests -- both against Muslims and against bigotry -- since the terrorist attack on March 22 that left 32  dead.

Watch the video below via YouTube (warning the images are graphic):