13 other animals, children and weird things that look freakishly like Ted Cruz
(Photo via Twitter and Jamelle Bouie/Flickr)

Last week, news broke of a guest on Maury Povich that looked like the female version of presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX).

ted cruz is a woman

But here are 13 other pets, children and people who look remarkably similar to the senator.

1. These dogs that looks like Ted Cruz:

[caption id="attachment_790435" align="aligncenter" width="406"]dog that looks like ted cruz (Photo via Twitter)[/caption]

2. When Ted Cruz does that weird teeth thing and looks like Jerri Blank from "Strangers with Candy" Ted Cruz strangers with candy 3. Three kids stacked on top of each other in a trench coat trying to get into a rated R movie.

4. Whatever the hell this thing is.

5. He totally looks like snot boy from Halloween:

6. Howdy Doody if he was possessed by the devil:

7. Kevin Malone from "The Office":

8. This poor unfortunate baby: baby that looks like Ted Cruz 9. Cult leader David Duchovny (Not really David Duchovny though I'd join his cult):

[caption id="attachment_790466" align="aligncenter" width="601"]Cult leader Ted Cruz or David Duchovny (Photo via Twitter and Jamelle Bouie/Flickr)[/caption]

10. Count Chocula:

[caption id="attachment_790467" align="aligncenter" width="599"]count chocula ted cruz (Photo via Twitter)[/caption]

11. The Penguin:

[caption id="attachment_790468" align="aligncenter" width="599"](Photo via Twitter and Gage Skidmore/Flickr) (Photo via Twitter and Gage Skidmore/Flickr)[/caption]

12. The gross alien wearing a dead man's face as a mask:

[caption id="attachment_790473" align="aligncenter" width="600"]alien wearing a dead man's face (Photo via Wikipedia and screen capture)[/caption]

13. A grown up Mark Del Figgalo (recurring character in Zoey 101):

[caption id="attachment_790475" align="aligncenter" width="599"]grown up Mark Del Figgalo is Ted Cruz (Photo via Imgur[/caption]

All the other ones you probably already know:

[caption id="attachment_790453" align="aligncenter" width="601"]Ted Cruz Duke's Grayson Allen (Photo via Michael Katz/Twitter) Ted Cruz Duke's Grayson Allen (Photo via Michael Katz/Twitter)[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="650"] (Photo via Q105)[/caption]