5-year-old kills herself after 'vigilant' dad leaves loaded .45 on table
Haley Moore -- family photo

A 5-year-old Louisiana girl is dead after she discovered a loaded .45 handgun left unattended on a table while her dad was in the shower, reports WVUE.

According to police in LaPlace, Haley Moore died of her injuries after she accidently shot herself Saturday morning.

Police have not released many details of the shooting, but neighbors described the girls' father, Eric, as being "vigilant" about securing his guns.

"The oldest kid, she told me because they came over to us when all this happened, she's traumatized, 'my sister, my sister shot herself,'” neighbor Joy Ursin explained. “When the kids are there, I know he'd always say that he has a designated area where he puts firearms away, I mean he's a retired veteran.”

According to another neighbor, Devon Labat, “It’s definitely sad when something like this happens, especially to someone so young," while explaining that the girl's father served in Iraq and was recently divorced.

Watch the video below via WVUE:

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