Bill Maher bids farewell to GOP 'douchebags' who made this 'the most f*cked up election ever'
In Memorium Ted Cruz campaign clip -- (HBO screen grab)

With Donald Trump all but wrapping up the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, HBO host Bill Maher bid a fond farewell to the other GOP "douchebag" candidates who have fallen by the wayside during the 2016 primary season.

Modeled after the "In memoriam" clips seen on the Academy Awards, Maher explained, "We say a fond goodbye to the people who made it so memorable, and so please help us right now say goodbye to the people who made this possibly the most f*cked up election ever."

What followed were clips of candidates ranging from Chris Christie looking like a hostage during a Trump speech, a sad Jeb Bush imploring town hall participants to "Please clap," and Carly Fiorina falling off a stage before she and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz fell out of contention.

Watch the video below from HBO: